Canuckle is an intellectual game similar to Wordle in which you have to guess words that are connected by a common theme. Play and demonstrate your knowledge of Canada. Each word that is encrypted in the crossword puzzle is somehow related to this country. Players have the opportunity not only to demonstrate their knowledge but also to learn something new.

Puzzles and interesting tasks with words and letters have taken over the world. Everyone finds a game that they like and are close to. Even if the algorithm of the puzzles is similar, each player can find a game that is interesting in terms of subject matter: movies, countries, math, and more.

There are three modes available to participants: daily, practice, and archive. In the first option, the player receives a new task every day. In the practice section, you can hone your skills and practice. If you miss a daily puzzle, you can find it in the archive and test your knowledge.

How to play Canuckle

The game board consists of six rows of cells. Each line corresponds to a player's attempt to guess the encrypted word. Choose the options and type in the active line:

The player receives a new task every day. All successes in the game are recorded in the statistics section: the number of games played, the percentage of victories and the best guesses.

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